Learning the Techniques of Professional Carpet Cleaning

How does carpet cleaning work?

Professional carpet cleaning services involve a combination of techniques that help to give a brand new look to the carpet after it is cleaned. Using carpets for months can leave them stained and dirty in various places. You may have tried to brush them away but the sticky residue just doesn’t get off. These are stains that do not go away even when you use a vacuum cleaner. So, it is better to opt for professional carpet cleaning services. This will be a thorough cleaning of the carpets and there will not be any kind of stain whatsoever. The professionals use special chemicals and a lot of different cleaning techniques on a carpet. Here are some of the techniques that they use:


Deep carpet cleaning techniques

This method is one of the most popular amongst all the others because it gives a complete cleaning to the carpet so that you don’t have to touch for another year or so. It also increases the life of the carpets by keeping them soft. Steam cleaning is done on the carpets to bring out the sticky dust and dirt from deep down inside the carpet. In this process, the cleaning machine has water that is blown in the form of hot air into the carpet at a very high force.

The cleaner contains a cleaning solution and water. When the machine is switched on, it shoots the water and the cleaner on the surface of the carpet. Simultaneously, the carpet is also vacuumed so that it has a double effect. The water along with the cleaning agent cleans the carpet while the hot vacuum dries the carpet. Most of the professional carpet cleaners have a truck-mounted system that sucks all the humidity and dry air. These have hotter temperatures and higher temperatures so that the carpet can be cleaned faster and they dry quickly.



Light surface cleaning techniques

Carpets feel so comfortable under your feet, isn’t it? But as soon as you see stains and dirty patches, you want to step out of the carpet as soon as possible. Sometimes, the carpets don’t need deep cleaning. A light surface cleaning is enough to get the job done for the moment. If you have a party and need the carpet cleaned quickly, it should always be a light surface cleaning instead of deep cleaning.

A shampoo is often used to clean the sticky residue from the carpets. The cleaners use a buffer machine to get rid of the dust and dirt. They will leave the carpets for a few hours after applying the shampoo solution. It has to dry completely before the vacuuming is done. This ensures complete cleaning of the dirt along with the sticky parts.

Cleaning with an absorbent powder is another part of light cleaning of carpets. Professional cleaners have a special absorbent powder that is sprinkled on the surface of the carpet. Compared to the shampoo solution, the absorbent powder is left for a short period of time before they are vacuumed with a buffer machine. Residual dust and dirt are removed quite quickly. This is a quick fix for all those who have a few hours in hand to clean all the carpets in the house.

Dry cleaning is often confused as deep cleaning. Both of them have totally different techniques. In dry cleaning, a special solution is used to clean the carpet. This solution dries very quickly so that you don’t have to take the carpets away. Additionally, the carpet will be vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly to ensure it is left without any spot

Dry foam cleaning is quite similar to the shampoo method. Instead of using a shampoo, a dry foam is used to clean the dirty patches and sticky stains. The cleaner will not allow the foam to settle down. It has to be cleaned almost instantly so that the foam does not dry up. The cleaning machines that use dry foam come with an inbuilt vacuum so that the carpet can be foamed and vacuumed at the same time.

With so many techniques available to clean your carpets, you need to decide which one to choose. If you have a few days time in hand, it will be better to go for the deep cleaning. For those who have a time crunch, the light surface cleaning techniques will come in handy.

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