How To Avoid Rug Cleaning Service Scams Bullshitting?

A professional carpet cleaning service is important to keep your carpets clean, tidy, and stain-free. Choosing the right rug cleaning service is important for this purpose. That is where a homeowner should be cautious since there are many rug cleaning service scams on the market today. In fact, there are many rug cleaning services that try to scam innocent homeowners by using high-pressure sales tactics. As a homeowner, you need to be aware of these types of scams in order to pick the right rug cleaning service for the job. This article provides information on how to avoid rug cleaning service scams bullshitting.

The lowest price scam is a common tactic used by unscrupulous sales personnel to win the contract. You may have already heard about this type of scam. The salesperson may claim to offer the lowest price in town. Most of the time, the contractor might give you fliers showing the charges of their competitors in the area. But in reality, the salesperson at your door is getting paid for the leads he sells to another rug cleaning company. In case you agree to the price offered by such a company, the salesperson will leave and a couple of days later a pro will knock on your door. On the other hand, once the salesperson is inside your house, his price will suddenly start to increase. In fact, he will cite various excuses for the sudden increase in price such as your carpet is thicker than the average carpet, there are hard-to-remove stains on the carpets, or your rooms are too large, etc. Regardless of the initial price you agreed, you may have to pay a lot more for such a service. That is why you should be very careful when dealing with a carpet cleaning service that says they are offering the lowest price in town. The solution is to never agree to prices offered by a door-to-door salesperson without doing your research on the service offered in your area. In fact, you should have an idea about the average carpet cleaning prices in the area before you make any hasty decisions.


Although there are many rug cleaning techniques out there, the most popular is the steam cleaning method. It uses a chemical detergent and hot water to clean the carpet. There are some rug cleaning services that try to scam unsuspecting homeowners by using the “best method” scam. They will say that their method is the best carpet cleaning method on the market today – and try to charge you more for their service. But in reality, there is no such thing as the best method. The method that works best for your carpet may depend on many things such as the age, pile, material, and the amount of cleaning your carpet or rug requires. Even if you agree to the huge price tag that comes with the best cleaning method, the pro won’t clean your carpet any better than the average carpet cleaning service. Hence, you don’t need to waste your money on such a service provider. You should ask him what exactly his method involves. In case the technician cannot explain the difference and how his method is better than the other ones, you should choose a different cleaning service. It is best that you have an idea about the many carpet and rug cleaning methods out there. You can find all this information for free on the internet. That way you will be ready when a “best method” technician knocks on your door.

You should be looking for a reputable and experienced carpet cleaning service in the area when cleaning your carpets or rugs. The right provider should be highly reputable in your community. They should have a good customer feedback with positive reviews and ratings from a majority of their past and present clients in the area. Don’t forget to get the rate per room or square foot before you decide to hire the person for the job. Ask if there is an extra charge for moving heavy furniture items. These are important things to look for when choosing the best carpet and rug cleaning service provider in your area. That way you will be able to avoid rug cleaning service scams bullshitting.

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